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Funny Homework Answers | Hilarious Assignments and Answers

If you have a kid in the lower grades, chances are you've come across funny homework answers. You certainly have heard some of the darndest things they say when giving answers to their homework. But they don't just say them—they write them down too! Every teacher has endless stories of answers they read from students' answer sheets when given homework or exams.

Taking a little trip down memory lane, you can as well remember some of the hilarious things you said and did while growing up. For instance, can you believe that you could spend so much time in the exam room drawing spiderman symbols on your answer sheet? When were you yet to finish answering all questions? Or even the sun at the corner of the page?

Perhaps sounds unbelievable, but that's just a tip of the homework answers from kids that teachers see every day. For the most part, the kids will never believe those are weird things. They totally believe that's nothing out of the normal. And we cannot blame them.

So, let's dive deeper and learn some other hilarious things kids write in their assignments.

Examples of Funny Homework Answers From Kids & Students

Question 1: Dimes vs. Pennies

This elementary math question is aimed at testing kids' understanding of the value of dimes and pennies. As we all know, a penny is equal to 1 cent while a dime is equal to ten cents.

So the question is, "Bobby has four dimes while Amy has 30 pennies. Who has more money?". The second part of the question required the student to explain how they arrived at the answer. S, what answer would a teacher expect from a student?

Here's what the young soul thinks.


Photo: irishchck14/Imgur

That's truly a genius answering the wrong question. She's smart enough to know how to present her thoughts in a picture. If I were a teacher, I'd perhaps give her some marks for overthinking. That kid deserves a lot!

Question 2: Critical Thinking and problem-solving skills

Critical thinking assignments present students with a hypothetical situation from which they should think and develop a logical answer that solves the problem.

In this test, the question goes, "Suppose you wanted to build a house on this land (in the picture) and still protect its natural resources; what could you do? How would it protect its natural resources? "

Technically speaking, most children would argue that they will build the house and thereafter plant more trees. Of course, because our culture embraces tree planting more.

But this kid's answer sounds more educated than all of us- definitely an environmentalist in the making. See:


Photo : Carlamon_ster/Imgur

Question 3: Huh! Math has never been this simple!

Measurements are one of the introductory classes that kids are taken through. Teachers introduce them to simple concepts such as converting one unit of measurement to the other. For instance, if your homework requires you to convert meters to centimeters, you multiply by 100.

Now this question asked the opposite, which is obviously to divide by 100. I wish Metric Systems were this simple!


Photo : PictureHelper/Imgur

From another class, Peter makes the expansion of equations in Algebra even more fun! How do you expand (a+b)n easily? We all know the expanded form is a2 + 2ab + b2. But how do you arrive at that?

From what Peter thinks, the school could be something interesting! If our tutors were his teachers, they'd perhaps give him full marks for creativity.


Photo : PictureHelper/Imgur

Question 4: "Not worth so much effort" funniest kids' language

If you're in high school, you may have come across concepts such as Electronegativity, Pauli's exclusion principle, and molar mass. When asked to explain what they are, how would you define them? Let's gauge how accurate this kid is:

Photo: Halfricantrombone/Imgur

It's definitely funny, but how else would a genius kid be honest? Most likely, the teacher gave a few marks on the assignment!

But let's get serious, how do you define them?

  • Electronegativity: The ABILITY or TENDENCY of an atom to attract electrons during covalent bonding.
  • Pauli's Exclusion principle: States that no two electrons in the same atom can have identical quantum numbers. That means no more than two electrons can occupy the same orbital, and the two must have opposite spins.
  • Molar mass: The mass of a given sample is divided by the amount of substance in that sample.

Hilarious Homework Excuses That Students Give

If you're a teacher, you must have heard of the weird excuses kids give—some of which may be annoying and disappointing. But the humor is usually too much that you have to laugh and let them complete their homework.

What are some of those annoying excuses?

Family pet ate my assignment

Oh really! That's so horrible! But sometimes, students overuse this statement, and it sounds funny. We all know family pets such as cats, dogs, and bunnies don't know, and they don't care how important your books or documents are. If you place them in the wrong place, you're simply endangering your future.

I misplaced my assignment

Kids often claim they have no idea where they placed their homework just when the teacher needs it. While sometimes it's usually a genuine case for a bad day, we must admit some kids are just lazy. One sign of an organized student is just how they keep their items. Whether it's a handwritten assignment or a soft copy, you need to know where everything is. So in the future, consider organizing folders on your computer and shelves in your room.

Teacher, I was sick!

Come on, kid! That's one of the oldest and lamest school lies, especially for lazy students! Teachers have heard about it a million times, and they can't tell which one is true or false. And, of course, they have a solution for it. "Where's the note from your family clinician?" If you were truly ill to the point you couldn't attempt the assignment, then you must have gone for some medical check-up. Otherwise, everyone will think it's a lie.

To be honest, I never knew there was an assignment

The hard truth is that by the time teachers issue assignments, almost all students have lost focus. The students will be all over Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media platforms with their friends, but come the submission day—they've never heard of such a thing! Really disgusting, but teachers are used to that.

Since it's hard to tell between genuine and fake lies, you need to be keen in class and take all assignments upon yourself. In case you find them challenging, consult our online tutors. They will always be available to give a hand. And that's actually why you need to follow us on our social media pages and website.

Tips to Make Your Assignments Fun As You Do Them—Seriously

Embrace teamwork

Working alongside your other students or kids is perhaps the best right thing you can do for yourself. It keeps you going even when you don't get that math answer correct and motivates you to work harder. If you are a parent, you can as well bring your kid to your workspace. Send emails, chat with customers online, and help your child understand that challenging math concept.

Plan ahead!

Successful people plan their day before bedrest to ensure they don't waste a lot of time doing irrelevant things when they wake up. For instance, if you have three assignments that you're supposed to complete in a day, the first thing you should do is to plan. Ask yourself, "Which one seems simpler? "Which one needs more time? "Which homework is due first?" Such questions help you know what to prioritize over what so you can find fun doing them.

Be organized; take breaks

The source of success in those students you admire every day is being organized. From your workspace to presenting your answers in the answer booklet, you need to present yourself as a smart student. Note that working smart doesn't mean working extra hard—NO. Organize yourself so you can take random breaks once in a while to keep yourself energized and refreshed.


No one knows everything—not even your teachers! So if you've been following whatever they taught you but not yet getting things done, don't beat yourself up. Consult your classmates, professors, or online tutors for guidance in what is giving you headaches. That's the best way to learn fast.

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As seen, you can give many funny answers to your homework if you have no idea what is required. There are also other funniest excuses you can give your teacher and still sound valid. But remember, none of those will earn you good marks.

So, if you found the assignment is honestly challenging, there's no reason to fail. Consult our online tutors, and sure, we'll help. Funny answers for your homework! But the good news is that you'll still get the best results. AnswerAddict is your best online assignment platform for your homework answers.

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