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Thank you for choosing us to be your preferred service provider. We are committed to making sure that you get the best service when exploring and purchasing our products. The main thing to remember is that by placing an order at answeraddict.com, you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions stipulated below. Please, note that we have the discretion to change this policy without any notice. In this document, "website" refers to answeraddict.com; "product" and "material" refer to pieces of writing or documents that you receive from this website; "you" refers to you - the "client" or any other person submitting the product on your behalf; "we" refers to Answer Addict Administrators.

1. Money Back Guarantee / Refund Policy

We strive to ensure that our customers get a rewarding experience when exploring and purchasing our products. However, we understand that sometimes a product may not be exactly what you expected it to be. Under such unlikely circumstances, we invite you to review the following conditions related to returning a product.

  • There is a payment issue related to the payment processor e.g. double payment
  • The order is not delivered within your deadline.
  • Substantial similarity index detected (above 12%). Here, we require an official plagiarism report.
  • The completed variant provided by a writer does not match the requirements of your order.

We also care deeply about the welfare of our writers. In the event that a customer cancels an order before the deadline, we will request the writer to provide the completed draft within four hours. The refund amount will be based on the level of completion of the draft.

It is also important to remember that as soon as you have assigned an order to one of our writers, you cannot change instructions. In the event that you do, it is within the discretion of the writer to accommodate your new request. However, the website allows you to update your order to provide additional resources that can help the writer deliver the best quality of work. There are several other points to consider when setting an order on dispute.

  • When setting an order on dispute, you must provide compelling facts.
  • Our dispute resolution process involves contacting both the customer and the writer for additional information. That said it may take up to 48 hours to resolve the dispute.
  • Each dispute is resolved individually.

2. Privacy Policy

We may ask for personal information such as email addresses and names. We do not disclose this information to any parties unless we believe that such action is imperative to comply with a legal obligation, protest against or relieve ourselves from legal liability, to protect the public or the personal safety of the users of the website, and prevent any wrongdoing associated with the use of the website and our products. We do not use your personal information for purposes other than improvement of our service.

We do not record or retain any payment card details. Our service relies on payment processors such as PayPal whose use of your personal information depends on their Privacy Policy.

3. Disclaimer

Service Availability

We endeavor to make our services available at all times. However, we will not be liable if the website is not available for any duration. Access to the website and its contents may be suspended without any notice given.

Product Usage

You may not put you name on any pieces of writing that we provide you. We are not responsible for any tortious, illegal, unethical, or improper activities associated with the use of our products. We are also not liable for any disciplinary or legal measures including, but not limted to expulsion, plagiarism, poor grading or assessment, lawsuits, suspensions, and any other disciplinary or legal measures that result from the improper, unethical, or illegal use of the material. In that same light, we do not gurantee ANY particular grade. Therefore, you cannot ask for a refund in case you were poorly graded or assessed.

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